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Mens & Womens Tungsten Ring Buying Guide

We understand at Eternal Tungsten that customers who know exactly what they are buying are happy customers. The process of choosing the perfect wedding band to wear forever may sound daunting and stressful, but it should be embraced as a once in a lifetime event and we'd like to help you decide. There are so many different styles of metals and styles to choose from and much to learn about sizes and widths, but it isn't that complicated! We will simplify it all for you below so that you can see past the smoke and mirrors and know what you need to know when buying a wedding band.


Prior to purchasing, you must accurately obtain your ring size. There are many tutorials and printouts available online that we do NOT recommend. The most accurate way for you to obtain your ring size would be to visit your local jeweler where they should have a standard ring sizer available. You may have heard about Comfort fit tungsten rings, which approximately fit 1/2 size larger than traditional fit bands.

What is comfort fit?

Comfort fit is exactly what it sounds like! A comfort fit band provides a more comfortable fit by having a domed inside. Domed on the inside meaning the tightest point of the inside expands outward to the edge of the wedding ring.

What is ring width?

Do not mix up ring width with ring size because they are completely different things, but do slightly affect each other depending on the width and size you purchase.