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Our Very Unique Wedding Bands

We have a passion for creating the most unique mens wedding bands and unique wedding rings for women at the very best factory-direct prices. From tungsten wedding bands to Damascus steel rings to titanium wedding bands. From manly bands to super cool rings, our rings for men and women are elegant, trendy and fashionable.

Simply the Best Tungsten Wedding Bands

Our tungsten carbide rings are and tungsten wedding bands have become wildly popular because of their strength, style and affordability. Wearing a tungsten ring makes a statement. From black wedding bands to manly bands, we carry the styles you love at the prices you want.

Classic & Charismatic Gold Wedding Bands

We carry the classics with a twist. Our gold wedding bands have striking inlays that make them both affordable and stylish. Whether you are looking for a rose gold wedding band or classic yellow, all our gold wedding rings make a statement.

Sophisticated Wooden Wedding Rings

Wooden wedding rings are hot right now. With good reason. Our wood wedding rings include eye-popping inlays like koa wood and dark walnut, making them a sophisticated choice for the man or woman who wants to toss aside boring.

Matching Wedding Bands

Matching wedding bands for couples has definitely been trending. There is a certain bond established in having his and hers wedding bands that compliment each other’s style while maintaining a unique look for each. It’s just an awesome way to express your love and your unity.

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