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About Us

The Eternal Tungsten Team

Why did we start EternalTungsten.com? Because we have purchased platinum, titanium, silver, and gold rings in the past but were never satisfied with their durability. They scratched easily and required a lot of maintenance and made us less proud to wear them as they got more scratched up. Thats when we learned about tungsten carbide and the benefits of using it in jewelry. We want to help you avoid the mistakes that we made by providing you with high quality tungsten carbide rings and wedding bands at affordable prices.

At EternalTungsten.com, our business is focused on offering the highest quality products and delivering the highest quality customer experience. Our tungsten carbide wedding bands and rings are crafted from the highest grade materials and utilize the leading manufacturing processes offered in the jewelry industry. Our rings are also competitively priced, because we feel that you shouldnt have to pay forever in order to get a ring that will last forever.

Each one of our rings come with a Manufactur's Lifetime Warranty, Lifetime Resizing, a 45 Day Inspection Period and Free Shipping. For more information on these policies, please visit our FAQ page or feel free to e-mail us.